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Satellite Installation

Satellite Installation by TV and Aerial Services. TV and Aerial offers the most advanced television and aerial installation and repair services in South Africa. We have been in the business for well over a decade, and we continue to grow and flourish. As the industry progresses, and as new and innovative television solutions come onto the market, we always keep a close eye on the industry. We will continue to advance our satellite services and keep one step ahead of our competitors, offering the finest service in the business!

The Satellite installation and related TV and aerial services that we offer includes:

Satellite Installation

Our experienced team of satellite installation experts is ready to do to your satellite installation. TV and Aerial Services are accredited TopTV, Starsat, DSTV and OVD installers. We have years of experience in satellite installation and we promise to make your satellite installation quick and as hassle free as possible so that you can start watching quality TV in no time.

Home theatre installations

What differentiates us in terms of service and home theatre installations specifically, is that we use what we install. All home theatre installations are designed by experienced and qualified THX sound engineers.

Extension points

Do you want to watch TV in every room?

TV and Aerial Services

Can place extension points for all of your audio visual equipment and devices in any, or every room you need.Extension Points


So you have all the equipment but still have poor TV reception?

VHF and UHF Aerials

TV and Aerial Services not only does DSTV installations, but has the expertise across the TV platform arena. Whether you need a VHF or UHF aerial for SABC or E-TV, we have the solution for you.

Contact us for all your analogue TV related requirements.

DTTV - Digital Terrestrial TV (coming soon)

In the near future the SABC will be migrating from an analogue to a digital television broadcast system. When this occurs, all SABC TV viewers will need to purchase and install a new form of decoder.

TV and Aerial Services will be able to assist you with this installation. Should you already be a DSTV subscriber, you will not require this new decoder as you will always be able to access the SABC channels through DSTV. Contact us if you have any questions in this regard.

Digital Terrestrial TV


Do you require a commercial or residential CCTV system? TV and Aerial Services offers a wide variery of monitoring and surveillance solutions.

CCTV Installation

Contact us for your CCTV requirements.

StarSat installers / TopTV installers

We are fully accredited installers and repairers of the TopTV System.

Top TV Installation

OVD installers. Are you ready for OVHD?

OVHD Installation