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Home Theatre Installation

Installing a Home Theatre

Tired of watching TV or DSTV on the small screen? Wanting a special “something” that makes your property value dramatically increase? A home theatre is the answer! TV and Aerial are professional installers of Home Theatre equipment, and work according to your needs using qualified THX Installation Engineers.

Some questions frequently asked about installing a home theatre system:

What size should my room be or a home theatre? The room is as big as you have available.

There is not perfect size, although a room of around 5m x 6m or larger works well.

TV and Aerial are professional installers and THX qualified installation engineers will relieve you of this headache. TV and Aerial do the DSTV satellite dish installation, as well as the home theatre design integration.

What to consider when building a home theatre:

Size of the screen – bigger screens can cause eye fatigue and headaches. Check the correct pixel size of the projector for your size theatre. Size and number of chairs – make sure that the front chairs of your home theatre are a comfortable distance from the screen so that everyone does not migrate to either the front or the back of your home theatre.

Space for a small control room around 1x half meter. A home theatre uses a projector system, TV and Aerial encourage home-owners to use a professional installer to reduce frustration and because they are trained to do the installation. A projector system includes linking to different packages of multimedia, Wi-Fi and projector systems connecting to any number of applications and films, homes theatres can be connected to your DSTV.

Do your homework:

Research the type of projector needed for your home theatre system, pixels size, bulb replacements Soundproofing the theatre Distance of screen to chairs, how many chairs / tables What other features will your home theatre design have, example a bar/drinks area? Draw a diagram of the home theatre design, plug points, access at the back of the home theatre Choose a professional to do the Installation. TV and Aerial are professional installers who value quality of service and high standards for their customers.

Lightining stikes and satellite dishes