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Dish Relocation Johannesburg


Moving home or office?

Satellite dishes are positioned in such a way as they can pick up the correct signal. TV and Aerial Johannesburg can help you with the relocation of the satellite dish and the setup of the signals, making your life a lot less stressed. Dishes need to be taken down and put up carefully so as not to break and are mounted onthe highest point of roof available for signal. 

Remember to contact DSTV or M Net to ensure they have your new contact details and can send the TV guide to the correct address as well.

We do satellite dish relocations for homes and offices, communal dish relocation and installations on the new premises. Get your DSTV Satellite dish relocated to your new home once you have settled in and ready to relax in front of the Television again. 

Tv and Aerial Johanneburg aims at good and quick service, professioanal and affordable for anyone that wants to keep their dish for their new home.

If you are relocating into Guateng, Johannesburg and Midrand, contact TV and Aerial to book your DSTV satellite dish relocation.