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Communal DSTV installation Johannesburg


Communal DSTV installations are where one decoder or aerial services multiple DSTV users. Especially useful in hotels and offices with multiple rooms, the communal DSTV can use one of the business packages available that suits your users.

Communal installations have multiple units receiving satellite signal from one accounts. Costs are kept lower with minimal wiring and shared aerials, but the quality and reception are still kept the same.

An accredited installer can help tuning where the signal quality is not good. We are committed to customer satisfaction as experienced installers, and quick and efficient service. We are able to help you with which decoder

What is a communal dish?

A communal dish is the satellite dish to which the multiple points are pointing.

Separate units are connected to the communal dish through ports in the wall. With Smart LNB switches and connections needed, contact an accredited DSTV installer to help you with the setup of the communal DSTV installation (Johannesburg)

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