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CCTV cameras installation for homes?

CCTV cameras installation in your home can be integrated into an access control system, whereby you can see who is requesting access before allowing them on your property.

Tips for installating CCTV cameras in your home

Home installation of CCTV cameras should be done around the 4 quarters of the home to improve security, deter potential unwanted persons, and in the case of a burglary, CCTV footage gives valuable footage in identifying and prosecuting the guilty persons.

Cameras are linked into a tv which gives you around the clock viewing of the area around your home.

Most CCTV camera systems installed for residential areas cover the external parts of the home, but in larger homes they can also be installed in quieter areas, laundry areas.

Depending on the size of the home, the amount of units will differ, and the tpe of camera units and will differ.

This home has multiple entry points which need to be covered with CCTV cameras eg. the entrance, windos and roof. In these areas either bullet or C - mount cameras can be used. Inside in the passageway / stairwell as dome camera would be effective. 


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