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CCTV Security and Surveillance Installations Johannesburg

CCTV ie closed circuit television cameras are used residentially, in corporate ofices, warehouses for monitoring and surveillance, but primarily for security purposes.

TV and Aerial are CCTV installers in Johannesbrg North andGreater Johannesburg does the installation of CCTV in private homes, Security systems in office parks and warehouses, industrial parks and estates. CCTV security is used for a number of monitoring and surveillance purposes, but is mainly used for security purposes and the systems are installed in critical / key areas, feeding back information to a tv monitor for viewing and for recording.

CCTV cameras are used in:

Warehouse or industrial park CCTV security systems
Private homes the CCTV cameras are used for security
Office / office park with a commercial CCTV system including CCTV cameras and CCTV systems
Guest houses needing extra security to protect their guests. 

CCTV cameras represent a cost effective solution for the security of your property, whether it be a business office, private home or CCTV for an industrial park. CCTV does recording of who was on the property and cameras are stategically placed. Installation of CCTV gives an overall better cost solution compared to other security solutions. The basis of a CCTV system is to safeguard the public, protect your property, and ensure secure data footage.

Advantages of CCTV cameras: 

  • Closed-circuit television ie CCTV installations cater for offices, private homes and commercial or industrial parks.
  • CCTV systems operate continuously recording the footage, giving you piece of mind and recording important information.
  • Advantages of CCTV installations
  • CCTV cameras play an important role in keeping communities safe
  • CCTV systems do not have to be manned
  • Reduces crime by being a deterrent
  • Improves prosecution numbers by acing as evidence
  • Safeguards your property
  • Site monitoring
  • CCTV cameras cannot be bribed, threatened or initimidated
  • You have more control over the incidents and management thereof
  • CCTV cameras can be strateically placed on the property and gives running records of the activity happening.
  • A CCTV camera can give credible evidence at a trial
  • Cost is far less than having an on-site guard. 
  • Lower labour costs
  • CCTV cameras are a deterrent to intruders
  • CCTV cameras give perimeter security, and can be integrated into access control systems. 
  • Operate continuosly or cover a specific event

How does CCTV installation work?

Contact us for a quote according to the specific needs you have regarding CCTV installation.

TV and Aerial use high quality CCTV systems to ensure good visual content, while maintenance contracts are suggested to ensure long term sustainability

CCTV packages will include:

-System layout plan of where you would like the cameras
-Camera and system supplied
-CCTV camera installation
-Maintenance options 
-CCTV monitoring products

Cameras should be placed in strategic places eg

*In server rooms

*In front of access points 

*With viewing of front and back exits

*Put at a height making it difficult to break or cover

*Be Proactive and install CCTV cameras before it is too late.

Power for a CCTV unit

CCTV cameras are powered by the power grid, or the solar powered power source or by battery / generator. Videos are connected to a DVR. Power and video can both be run in the same cable. Most CCTV cameras are powered by 12V via a power box or power adaptor. Unless you have a UPS or power backup the cameras and recorder will also be powered off if there is no electricity.

Can CCTV record in the dark or at night?

Yes, CCTV Cameras have the ability to project infrared light using an array of LED illuminators. This means that you can now see in total darkness. 

What is an IP camera

IP cameras are Internet Protocol cameras are digital video cameras which can be connected to computer networks and via the internet. 

How much recording time do I have

Depending on the camera mode, each camera can record almost 300M per hour, ie 4 cameras X300M= 1.2GB

500GB DVR  records for approximately 85 hrs of footage.

With a 500GB drive, the same DVR would hold about 75 hours of HD video. 

CCTV products

CCTV system installation Johanesburg for private homes

CCTV cameras for industry, warehouses