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DSTV Explora Installation Johannesburg

TV and Aerial is accredited DSTV Explora installers in Johannnesburg, Midrand, Randburg and the surrounds. 

Use the DSTV Explora to use Catch-up on series', movies, sporting highlights, kids shows or documentaries. DSTV allows you to watch what you want, and when it suits you.

The quality of the DSTV is related to the quality of the installation, which is why you need an experienced and accredited DSTV Explora installer .

  • DSTV Explora requires an 80 cm satellite dish
  • DSTV Smart LNB
  • DSTV Smartcard
  • DSTV remote
  • Link decoders with Xtraview

Explora TV FAQ's

Explora 2 requires the same as the original Explora ie an 80 cm satellite dish and DSTV Smart LNB 

With DSTV Explora installations:

The Explora decoder features: 

  • Full PVR (Personal Video Recorder) functionality – this means that you can record TV shows for later viewing.

  • The DSTV Explora has 2 Terabytes of memory or up to 220 hours

  • The DSTV Explora has an HD user interface

  • HD capable (please ensure your TV is also high definition to make the most of this feature).

  • Access to DSTV box office - movie rental

  • Access to DSTV Catchup

  • Parental controls

  • Watch one channel, record another

  • Records series

  • Buffer retained on channel change

  • Wide-screen capability

  • Ethernet connection – Schedule remote recordings when away from home

  • Multiple searches

  • Subtitles available according to programs

  • Fast forward, rewind, instant replay, slow motion

How do I record once the DSTV Explora is installed

  • Connect to the DSTV Explora

  • Go to the TV guide

  • Find your channel and program you would like to record and recorder

  • Search can be done by typing in the programs name or a search on the page according to date and time

What is XtraView

With Xtraview you can have up to three decoders under one subscription. Contact Us to find out more about this amazing offer.